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General Advice

Our general advice to employers covers:-

Employment Documentation

– Offer Letters

– Employment Contracts(that are up-to-date, clear and user-friendly)

– Directors’ Service Agreements

– Bonus schemes and Share Option schemes

Employee Handbooks/Company Policies and Procedures

– Up-to-date Employee Handbooks/Company Policies and Procedures

– Reviewing and update existing documentation to ensure compliance with recent legislation.

Maternity, Paternity and Time Off issues

We will make sure that you understand what the employee’s rights and obligations are and that these matters are dealt with in line with the current law.

Part-time working, Flexible working and Job-shares

We help you deal with these issues which need to be handled with care so as to ensure that grievances and Employment Tribunal claims are avoided. If employers are not careful, they can easily find themselves facing Indirect Sex Discrimination claims.


Managing sick employees is often a sensitive issue that employers have to deal with. We help you to make sure this issue is handled in the right way as otherwise Disability Discrimination or Constructive Dismissal claims could arise.

Performance issues-Disciplinary matters-Grievances

We will guide you through the procedures that must be followed so as to avoid claims of Constructive Dismissal or Unfair Dismissal

Health and Safety

We can help you to ensure that your policies and practices comply with legal requirements.

Data Protection

We can advise you on how the data protection applies to the information that employers have and also how to deal with Subject Access requests from employees